Cheap Car Body Repairs

If you have ever had an accident and in the process damaged your body work you know how difficult it can be in getting quotes, selecting through the quotes and choosing a reliable service for the car body restoration can be. It’s a bit of a mine field choosing a car body repair assistance for it’s not just the reliability this is the concern but the price also. Static repair centres or accident restoration centres as they are also known can charge a small fortune for simple repairs such as a bumper scratch or key nothing repair; this is mainly down to their particular huge overhead and labour expenses which they have to consider when working out a cost for a car body maintenance. Don’t worry there is a new choice, Mobile Car Body Repairs.

Cell phone car body repairs are a scaled down version of the static site equivalent. They are specialists in repairing small light collision on cars such as a bumper scratch, stone nick, seat burns or dent repairs. They are significantly cheaper than a body shop or accident repair centre with up to 70% saving of all repairs compared to their static site equivalents.
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The most remarkable aspect of this sort of car repair service is they can be mobile, so they have the unique power to come to your home or place of work to carry out your repair (basically anywhere providing there is some access to a power supply). Another additional bonus of this support is that the repair time on average is actually 2-3 hours per damage, and so most repairs can be completed within the day.

This type of service was formerly designed for the use within the car deal, the mobile repair service would mainly be used to touch up together with refurbish cars bought from auctions and part exchanges before they were created for sale on the garages forecourts. Mobile phone car body repair service however work within this field but have also branched out to the public. You will not acquire as good of a deal as an automobile showroom would due to the amount of cars and trucks they have to repair but they are still pretty competitive.

As you can see the mobile vehicle body repair service should be a port of call if you have had an accident and require a repair, just remember that although they sound like the holy grail connected with auto repairs they are not able to mend larger scale repairs or destruction such as full resprays or screen replacements.

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