Just how can Probiotics Help in Weightloss?

Among the leading health issues in society today is the growing number of obese people and obesity. I remember when I had my pre-employment medical examination, the doctor was so prejudiced and biased that simply because I weighed 115 kgs, he did not provide myself any clearance and wanted me personally to seek and consult a second opinion from an endocrinologist as he said that I might be overweight due to an issue with my thyroid glands or some thing.

What he did not know, which I did not anymore tell him since I failed to have a face-to-face with him when he released my medical outcomes was, I already lost weight with my current weight during the medical examination. How?
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I had to merely took in Provita Probiotics.

Why Probiotics?

If we look into our digestive tract, it is

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