Prices For Cigarettes Are Higher Than Ever!

The number of individuals are hardcore smokers? How many people are smokers at all? The average smoker may smoke up to 2 to 3 packs each day. The important thing, however , is not how many packages of cigarettes one smokes per day. The most important thing to note is that if you are a smoker, the best thing to do is quit today.

Why? Well, many of us already know the obvious. Cigarettes can kill you. Cigarettes can harm many parts of the human body. Furthermore, cigarette prices have gone up! They have increased to 3 dollars more in some states. Now, many of you are people who smoke and and it is just “too difficult” to quit. Yes, smoking cigarettes can become an addiction, although many individuals hate to confess it.

The truth is, cigarettes kill and when we all are living in an economy where many individuals are being laid off work. Would certainly one really want to keep up those cigarette prices especially in “a time such as this”? There are many different options to completely quit smoking. From patches to cold chicken, to even different programs found on the internet to quit those smokes, many individuals no longer believe that it is “cool” in order to smoke. It is merely a bad addiction that can be put to an end when one finally decides that “it is usually over”. When an individuals finally says, “I am done smoking”.

So what can cigarettes do to you? Those cigarettes you buy everyday, for one, they eliminate your health and secondly, you are investing a significant amount on cigarettes. Since the price of cigarettes has increased, is it not time to quit? Of course , there is definitely not a “time” to quit, however , the earlier the better. Cigarette prices will increase even more rapidly and many individuals will be “forced” to quit because of its prices.
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Many of you understand that prices of cigarettes have improved, however , what are we to do about it? The only option is to quit.

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