Secrets About African Parrots

Those people who are fond of keeping pets at home will discover African Parrots to be a wonderful selection with some fascinating features. The origin of such birds can be traced back to the parts of Central and Western Africa among the rainforests, which can found in the form of two major sub types. These include the Congo Grey Bird and Timneh Grey Parrot, which may be distinguished based on their size and color. The Congos are bigger and come with light grey down characterized by dark red tail feathers together with a black beak. However , Timneh is relatively smaller with a charcoal grey body along with a tinge of maroon and grey found on its tail feather.

Some Secrets about Grey parrots

Most of these African grey talking parrots enjoy feeding on fruits, berries, nuts, grains along with seeds and vegetables among others. One of the secrets associated with African Parrots is that they possess great climbing skills. They get on to the uppermost branches of the tree to gather different kinds of food. These species usually tend to have their nesting places one of the trees and palms or drinking water based regions like the rivers and the islands. They possess an unique high quality of mimicking the sounds associated with humans, birds and mammals which includes pets like owls, cats along with other kinds of animals.

Besides, African greyish talking parrots also have the most amazing cognitive abilities along with the capability to actually mimic the sounds exactly as these people hear. They can even replicate the particular sounds of telephone ringing, microwave, doorbells among other familiar sounds. they can learn repetitive tasks by associating them with some common key phrases. Besides, they tend to develop a strong relationship with the owners and require their attention most of the time as they get uninterested very easily and display their dullness by plucking their feathers.

The common lifespan of an African Parrot is about 40-60 years and some of them actually manage to survive until the age of seventy five.
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Most of the male birds are larger than their female counterparts and you can notice some differences such as a narrow mind and a more slender neck among the females.

You can find these African Parrots for sale but they do not come inexpensive and would cost you more than a 1000 dollars but it is definitely worth purchasing them for owning such home pets. These intelligent creatures can help in removing the monotony inside your home and create a more friendly and online environment. You can check out some of the best parrot breeders available in your area who keep African Parrots for sale. African Parrot can be your best companion with whom you can spend your free time.

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